Q&A With: Owner Carmela Hartman of In Style Weddings & Destinations

Who? Carmela Hartman
What? In Style Weddings & Destinations
When? 1999
Where? 1200 East 11th Street, Suite 101, Austin, TX 78702
Why? Carmela planned celebrations of all kinds from weddings to other events. As she started doing more and more she realized that weddings came more natural to her.

In Style Weddings & Destinations will not only plan your fun and fabulous event for you but they’ll plan your honeymoon too. They’re event planners and travel agents. They do events in Austin, Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Europe, and anywhere else your heart desires. Make sure to book your appointment before you stop by as they’re super busy. Check them out on the web and like them on FB!

Q&A With: Owner Melanie Tipton of Last Petal

Who? Melanie Tipton
What? Last Petal a floral studio
When? 2000
Where? 1200 East 11th Street, Suite 101, Austin, TX 78702
Why? Melanie took a bunch of classes, did a lot of internships and traveled. After all her adventures she decided that she loved flowers and that this was definitely for her.

Melanie shares this studio space with the other girls. She does beautiful floral arrangements and they are gorgeous. You’ll just have to see for yourself. Check her out on the web and like her FB page!

Q&A With: Owner Heather Banks of Eclectic Images

Who? Heather Banks
What? Eclectic Images Photography
When? 2000
Where? 1200 East 11th Street, Suite 101, Austin, TX 78702
Why? Heather always loved taking photos but she realized she loved weddings even more. Photography is her passion and every time she takes photos it makes her happy.

Heather shares this space with 3 other businesses (coming in future blog posts). This space, of course, you guessed it, is super cute. I know I might say that for a lot of things but I can’t help but come across the coolest spaces at the East End IBIZ District. Heather is an amazing photography and, not to mention, all those photographs hanging in the studio space are hers. Check out Eclectic Images Photography on the web and like them on FB!

Q&A With: Founder & Photographer Skylar Reeves of 15 Minutes of Fame

Who? Skylar Reeves
What? 15 Minutes of Fame
When? 2010
Where? 1200 East 11th St. #105 Austin, TX 78702
Why? Skylar Reeves moved to Austin from Atlanta to shoot bands. When she started shooting families, the idea for parties came up while shooting and 15 Minutes of Fame was born.

What’s 15 Minutes of Fame? Families host a party and invite a bunch of people over. Each family and or child gets 15 minutes in front of the camera. Skylar shoots a lot of great pictures and in the end you get to choose what you want. What a great idea!

How cool is this space? It’s super bright, colorful and its coziness makes you feel right at home. Skylar is amazing! Check out 15 Minutes of Fame for more incredible pictures and like them on FB!

Q&A With: Owner Song Montesinos of Modesty Hair Studio

Who? Song Montesinos
What? Modesty Hair Studio
When? 2010
Where? 1200 E 11th street, Suite 102, Austin, TX 78702
Why? Song and her friend have been doing hair together forever and they’ve been talking about a hair salon forever so they just did it.

Modesty is an energy efficient space that offers everything from everyday natural looks to extravagant up-dos to accommodate all your special needs. Check out their website and like them on FB!

Q&A With: Owner Jessica Devon Chapman of Esty Skin Studio

Who? Jessica Devon Chapman
What? Esty Skin Studio
When? 2008
Where? 1006 Waller St. Austin, TX 78702
Why? Esty is ‘sling’ for esthetician in the spa industry and Jessica wanted something more personal and holistic as opposed to a big spa. She chose the historical home for the energy that it would bring to the spa experience.

They offer everything from facials and peels to waxing and massage. It’s such a comfy and cozy place, which makes a huge difference when you want to unwind and relax. Check out the Esty website, like them on FB, and follow Jessica @EstySkinStudio.

Q&A With: Owner Chad Allen of Switched On

Who? Chad Allen
What? Switched On
When? 2010
Where? 1111 E 11th Street Austin, TX
Why? Chad is a musician and he needed a place like this along with all the other musicians around town.

Switched On offers new, used, and vintage equipment repairs, restoration, modification, education, and local access to the international marketplace. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? And on the east side? Genius!

Check them out at Switched on Austin and add them on FB!

Q&A With: Owner Jessica Nadeau of Tickle Boutique

Who? Jessica Nadeau
What? Tickle Boutique
When? February 2012
Where? 1107 E 11th Street, Austin, TX 78702
Why? Jessica is a shoe designer and had always wanted to open her own store so she can combine fashion and beauty together.

This store is a one-stop shop for all your girly needs. How many places do you know of that you can go to for a mani-pedi, to buy an outfit, and get some jewelry to accessorize with? Pretty cool combo! Tickle is a beauty boutique and an all around social shopping experience. Come hang with the girls, and on your way out, don’t forget to grab some solettos for your much-needed feet, designed by Jessica herself.

Check out Tickle Boutique next time you find yourself lost on the east side and like Tickle on FB.