Q&A With: Steven Ross of Eastside Yoga

Who? Steven and Elsa Ross
What? Eastside Yoga
When? 2009
Where? 1050 11th Street, Suite 150, Austin, TX 78702
Why? Steven and his wife Elsa wanted to bring yoga to all types of people. They noticed people were intimidated by yoga so as a result they wanted a local neighborhood feel that was inviting and warm. So they opened up Eastside Yoga!

Steven gave me the 411 on yoga that I desperately needed. So yoga actually originated from India. The physical aspect of yoga is important but there is a deeper meaning and a whole way of life that is associated with this practice. Meditation is actually the same thing as yoga it’s just a deeper level of it. Thank you for enlightening me Steven! Make sure to check out their website and like them on FB!


4 thoughts on “Q&A With: Steven Ross of Eastside Yoga

  1. My yoga dollars go here. Yogi-in-a-sportshirt above, defining yoga, is a beacon. There are great instructors, classes and schedules for everyone. ESY is pragmatic and non-New Age-y. If one is New Age-y, however, know the studio hosts lectures and workshops that can engage those interests from perspectives of root traditions. ESY is disarmingly full of genuine people who embrace asana and meditation as well as laughter, music, cookies and the occasional ale.

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