Q&A With: Owner Laura Shook of Soma Vida

Who? Laura Shook
What? Soma Vida
When? 2008
Where? 1210 Rosewood Avenue, Austin, TX 78702
Why? Soma means “body” in Greek and Vida means “life” in Spanish. Laura wanted to cultivate people’s mind and body connections by opening up Soma Vida, which is a hybrid between a co-working space and a traditional wellness center. Laura is a somatic psychotherapist and realized there needs to be supportive structures for people who provide health care to others. What a great idea!

It’s a work/life balance community that offers private offices, conference rooms (not your typical conference rooms but way better), plus lots of beautiful areas for special events. So many unique nooks and corners of inspiration, dim lit lights, inviting colors…it’s like another world. This is definitely a place where you can let your creative juices flow while being super productive. Sign me up! There’s so much more coming from this mini wellness center. Check out Soma Vida on the web and like them on FB!


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