Q&A With: Owner Willy Pearce of Way South Philly

Who? Willy Pearce
What? Way South Philly: Food Trailer
When? April 2011
Where? 1104 East 6th St. Austin, TX 78702
Why? Because Willy was in the restaurant business for 13 years prior to this and wanted to do his own thing. Also he’s from Philadelphia and thought “Austin needed a truly authentic cheese steak” and he knew he could deliver.

Their bread is shipped straight from Philadelphia and you can tell! A traditional south philly cheesesteak has cheez whiz on it so that’s a super popular one but Willy also has all the other cheeses too. The South Philly “food trailer” is all rocky themed and the sandwiches are all named after rocky characters. How fun!

Don’t forget to find them below!

Website: www.waysouthphilly.com

Like: www.facebook.com/WaySouthPhilly

Follow: www.twitter.com/waysouthwilly


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