Citrus Water

I love serving this for holiday meals in addition to other beverages. And all you need are oranges, lemon and water.

This is a good thirst quencher and very refreshing. It’s water flavored with the perfect amount of lemons and oranges. I don’t add sugar or anything else because the rest of the food around the dinner table is so flavorful.


  • 2 Oranges

  • 2 Lemons

  • Water

  • Ice


Pour drinking water into your favorite pitcher. Squeeze the juice of one lemon and one orange into the water. Cut the other orange and lemon into slices and drop in the water. Add some ice and you’re done!

How do you like to drink your water?


Green Bean Casserole

Did someone say Green Bean Casserole? I’m in. I love green beans and I love making this dish Thanksgiving or not. It’s my go-to comfort food and maybe it will soon be yours too. And it’s not entirely bad for you since it consists of green beans, mushrooms and ok, you got me, French onions. Admit it, healthy or not, without a little sprinkle of French onions this would just not be the same.

There are a million ways to make green bean casserole – what’s your favorite way to make this crowd pleaser?


  • 4 cups Green beans

  • 2 cups of Mushrooms

  • 1 can Cream of mushroom soup

  • 1 cup French onions


1) Boil a pot of water over stove and put in the washed and clean green beans. Boil for about 10 minutes or until tender.

2) Wash and slice mushrooms into thin slices and sauté in a pan until golden brown. Add cream of mushroom and set aside.

3) In an oven proof baking dish, add drained green beans, mushroom mixture and French onions and bake in oven 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Tip: Since the French onions and cream of mushroom are heavily seasoned I avoid adding salt and pepper.